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Some of life's greatest lessons can be absorbed while listening to stories and imagining visions outside ourselves. Here dreams of beauty and of freely flying beyond oneself come to reality in shared experiences only to be torn asunder when the dreams no longer are shared.

Even in the innocence of words and images of childhood, the joy and pain of love has been communicated by Lily Guzman through the touching symbolism of the life of two caterpillars. Much like the passion and pathos of Romeo and Juliet, the story conveys the human emotions that will be an important part of the life of the children whose imagination will surely be captured by this tale.

T. Wayne Bailey
Professor of Political Science
Stetson University

“The Caterpillar Story is very creative and inspirational…an excellent piece on human development displaying unselfish love; unfortunately, a subject matter relegated to the back yard in our society today.”

Zulima Yepes,
Professor, Political Economist, M.A.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Lily Guzman for years. She even wrote a few children stories for a book I compiled several years ago. I am delighted to see she has written a new book for more people to enjoy her story of overcoming hardships by keeping your eye on the prize!”

Jerry Newcombe
Author/TV producer

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