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Lily Guzman is currently an International Business Development Manager Consultant for Executive Health & Wealth. Through a stable television career that started at the age of twelve in her native Dominican Republic, Lily Guzman has been an active member of the community for over twenty five years, working as VP of Operations, Production Manager, Public and Community Affairs Director and other management positions in several television stations in the tri-county area. She is a Barry University graduate, and holds a Master Degree in Public Administration from University Carlos III and the Institute for Municipal Studies and International Cooperation (CEMCI) in Granada, Spain.

Lily has proven that success can be achieved even under unfavorable circumstances, in her teens, She founded “La Escuela Nocturna Obrera San Juan Bosco” Night School for laborers, an institute that changed the attitude towards education for domestic help in Dominican Republic. Through this institute, Lily tapped into her teaching potential that eventually flourished when she started teaching about the art of flower arrangement on television, at the National Library and the YMCA in the Dominican Republic. She also published numerous writings, published in Better Homes and Gardens and other widely circulated publications including children stories.


Caterpillar story synopsis


The Caterpillar Story/ La Historia de la Oruga

What would you do to show your love to another? The Caterpillar Story is a glimpse into author Lily Guzman’s soul, an intimate story of dreams, aspirations, and the ultimate sacrifice for love and commitment to marriage. The Caterpillar Story is the journey of a transforming caterpillar yearning to become a butterfly, revealed in short verses in both Spanish and English, encouraging children to spread their wings and explore, yet remain loyal to the ones they love.
Lily Guzman was born in the Dominican Republic, currently residing between California and Central Florida. She raised her four children: Lily, Alberto, Irene and Roxanna in Hollywood, Florida, where they resided until leaving for college. Lily hopes to make the most lasting impact on the community through her children; she considers them her greatest accomplishment and the ultimate Caterpillar Story.


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